Has Olly Murs ‘Never Been Better’ or Is It Time To ‘Wrap Up’ His Career?

Hello again, I’d like to start off by apologizing for the lack of articles written by myself recently. GCSEs will be in full swing by the time this goes up, but as soon as they’re over I’ll be writing a lot. For now, I’m reassuring myself that writing this article is practice for my English language exam so it’s all good!

Onwards and upwards with the article, on the 22nd April, I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing my third (to date) Olly Murs concert so I’d like to share my views on the whole experience with everyone here. Before heading to the concert, I researched both the set list and the special guest (Ella Eyre) to find that the majority of proposed songs were well chosen and ordered in a sensible way. I was particularly excited about the return of Oh My Goodness and the debut of both Wrapped Up and Beautiful to Me (to read about my opinions on Wrapped Up and Beautiful to Me, refer to my previous article.)

My initial thoughts during the opening of the concert were regarding the stage design; I consider myself as a design enthusiast so I was always going to be a harsh critic. However, unlike previous years, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there had been a significant improvement in staging since Murs’ 2013 tour. The colours used were complimentary to each other and changed throughout the set. A real improvement in my eyes!

Now I’ve released my inner designer, my musical side can take over!

The opening song (as predicted in my previous article) was in fact Did You Miss Me, in which Murs’ took the opportunity to show off some new dance moves and as a result, had everyone up dancing along with him. His unforgettably cheeky persona shone through this number and continued into Right Place Right Time– one of my favourites to hear live and it certainly did not disappoint! For the most part, I completely forgot about my (let’s face it) awful singing because who can hear you over the loud music, right?

After addressing the crowd, Murs’ swiftly moved on to perform Why Do I Love You and Hey You Beautiful respectively, and it became apparent that, with Did You Miss Me, he was merely warming up- the vocals went from strength to strength during the next couple of numbers.

If you read my previous article, you’d be aware of my stance regarding Seasons. The live version of this changed my stance immediately; I am in love with this song! From the lyrics to Olly’s ambition to become a cat for half the song, I became absorbed in the incredible atmosphere and I envy those working at the arena, who would go on to see that performed three times before the week was out! The medley of Thinking of Me, Busy and Please Don’t Let Me Go that followed, allowed for the songs to be stripped back from their normal pop nature by incorporating a piano and a harmony, utter brilliance! Another of my favourites Heart Skips A Beat never failed for one second to get everyone, regardless of age, jumping and singing at the top of our voices.

Then came the duet of Up with Ella Eyre (originally voiced by Demi Lovato), which to my dismay, was a massive disappointment. Ella had such a strong opening set prior to Murs’ but her vocals didn’t match the song and I found myself becoming bored- wishing it to be over. With such a strong opening set, I expected Ella to bring more to the song than she did (that said, I didn’t refuse to sing along.) It was also at this moment, that I realised Oh My Goodness had been cut from the set for an unknown reason, but as they say, onwards and upwards and that’s where we shall go!

Let Me In and Dear Darlin’ were played next and resulted in the arena being set alight with phone lights (always the highlight of any concert.) Murs’ had us all hugging anyone who accompanied us to the concert and the atmosphere became very emotional, something very rare at a concert.

Now for the medley of covers that are traditional at a Murs’ concert; this year he chose a funky medley which included Play That Funky Music and Uptown Funk. I usually do not like Uptown Funk but Olly certainly changed by opinion on that!

As we come to the end of the set list, we hear Beautiful to Me, Troublemaker and lastly, Wrapped Up which were all beautifully sung. Beautiful to Me (my favourite on the album at the moment) brought a tear to my eye. The atmosphere was surreal! I will never forget that moment- I became lost in the lyrics and I just wanted to scream AHHHHHHHHH! Troublemaker transported me back to the end of the 2013 concert and let me relive the last song in the moment again but this time as the penultimate song. Last of all, Wrapped Up– the one we were all looking forward to- had everyone up on their feet dancing, and then came the change… Murs’ suddenly burst into Treasure (originally sang by Bruno Mars) in the absence of Travie McCoy and his rap, which then built up to the final chorus in which the stage rose up and confetti was ejected from the canons. That experience on its own made the whole concert worth it and will be forever etched into my memory, right next to the experience of meeting him.

The overall concert, despite Eyre’s disappointing vocals during Up and the unexpected absence of Oh My Goodness, it was an incredible experience that I wish I would have seen more than just once. With that, I shall leave you with my twitter handle, @abbielangley_ , for if you have an questions, queries or opinions on this article and as a bonus, a couple of photos that were taken that night!

Abbie Langley

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