Hey guys! This week’s piece is about my friend and colleague Kat Riley’s band ReubenBlue and their EP ‘A Vignette’. It’s up on SoundCloud here: and I’m really loving it! You should 100% go and listen to it if you’ve got a minute (even if you haven’t got a minute, make a minute, find a minute)

ReubenBlue, is composed of Kat, 27 and her sister Stella, 30. They describe their genre as ‘their own blend of acoustic/ambient/experimental/rock and instrumental compositions’ which I wholeheartedly agree with. Their sound is really hard to put into one specific be-all-end-all genre but I think that’s what makes it all the more interesting. Kat is primarily the lead vocalist (and she has an amazing voice) but both of them are singers and can play a variety of other instruments including the bodhran and various other percussion as well as piano and bass. The EP was recorded with and produced by Sugar House Music ( and they did a fantastic job! EP photo credit (the picture you can see at the top of this page) goes to the lovely Kat Kynes

There are four tracks on it, Into the Wild, Lovely to See You, You Are The One and Fast Train. Upon listening to them over and over, I think Lovely to See You is my favourite, which is apparently Kat’s least favourite! I don’t understand why, I think sonically it’s really beautiful. It’s definitely been the one I’ve been leaning towards replaying the most.

Again, the link to listen to the EP is: Make sure you do, I’m predicting great things in the future for ReubenBlue and I’m sure you want to be ahead of the hype haha!

As always if you have anything you want to add/tell me you can contact me on twitter at @jennie_atherton and you can tweet praise at the wonderful Stella and Kat @Reuben_Blue

Jennie Atherton
Jennie is Music Editor for The Atlas Times. She can be found on Twitter; @Jennie_Atherton.

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  1. Mister Tony says:

    I listened to it too and thought the first tune was ace and really dynamic. Unfortunately for me – as decent as the rest of it was – they never quite caught up with the energy and edge of that first song. It was really inventive and they should show some more chops like that. Really nice vocal harmonies though. I can see why you’d like it so much…

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